Concept Hub, Inc

Alas, Concept Hub, Inc is no more.

After years of consulting with individuals and organizations helping them to integrate social media technologies and best practices with their business processes and goals, the time has come to put Concept Hub, Inc to rest to focus on my new path, which on one hand is a path not drastically different, but then again, different in every way.

In 2103, I began consulting with an agency, fell in love with the team and the direction of their new venture, and became a partner and managing director of the brand I helped create, Sensei Project.

A sensei is someone who knows, does, and teaches.

A project is defined as “collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.”

We started Sensei Project because we recognized that an effective social media and content marketing effort is not something that can be outsourced or remain static—it requires a partnership. Our job is to align with our clients as their partner, to help them stay ahead of ongoing changes, stay focused on meeting business objectives, and maximize their use of social media and content marketing.

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