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The Top 209 of 2009

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by Sherry Heyl

I have over 30 Google alerts set up and subscribe to over 50 different blogs. I use Delicious to save articles that I want to refer to later.

It seems Twitter vs Facebook (or is Facebook mimicking Twitter) and using Social Networks for Job Search dominated the news. There also was an abundance of views about the ROI of social media. And in 2009 we all put our heads in the clouds (or at least started finding ways to put our data in the cloud). We debated the demise of newspapers and sought out employee guidelines for our new media. Oh yeah, we also elected a President who seems to “get” all of this and Iran took a stand.

This morning I decided to review the various posts I have collected in 2009 and pick out 209 favorites (in approximate chronological order).

Why 209? Because 2009 would be too many and 9 would be too few.

1. Presentation: Barack Obama’s Internet Strategy by ReadWriteWeb

2. 40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them by Mashable

3. Tapping the Portable Social Graphs by Adage

4.Social Media ROI for Non-Profits – A Case Study By Aaron Bramley

5. How to Attract and Influence People on Twitter (The Ultimate Twitter Resource) by Prevential

6. Social Networking for Social Entrepreneurs and Base of the Pyramid Entrepreneurs by Compassion in Politics

7. The Importance of Focus: A Guide for Social Media Brands by Mashable

8. Throw away your television: How to watch all your TV on the internet by Obsessable

9. Social networking for pros by The Vancouver Sun

10. Key attitudes for Enterprise 2.0 success by Social Media Today

11. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Security Pros Warm to Web 2.0 Access by CSO

12.How to use social media in the newsroom by SocialMedia.biz

13. What Makes a Social Network Valuable? The Answer Might Surprise You by Customer Think

14. Which social media ads are right for you? by iMedia Connection

15. Facebook and the Future of User Generated Governance by Brian Solis

16. CIOs getting serious about social networking by ZD Net

17. The Future Agency Of Record Will Be Social by MediaPost

18. 7 Tips to Getting SEO Value Out of Your Social Media Efforts by 4realz.net

19.The Future of Mobile User generated content by Life2oons

20. 9 lessons Obama taught us about brand identity by iMedia Connection

21. For Twitter C.E.O., Well-Orchestrated Accidents by The New York Times

22. Time Management in the Age of Social Media by Business Week

23. Social Media and Search by MultiChannel Merchant

24. New research: B2B buyers have very high social participation by Groundswell

25. Lockheed Martin gives homegrown social-networking platform a spin by Network World

26. How Social Media is Changing CRM by Enterprise Systems

27. 10 ways to turn angry consumers into brand advocates by iMediaConnection

28. Despite Recession, More Than 50% of Marketers Increase Spending on Social Media by Read Write Web

29. Four Things Your Ad Agency Should Know Before Jumping Into Social Media by Fuel Lines

30. Is Social Media an Industry? by Mashable

31. 4 masterfully integrated campaigns by iMedia Connection

32. Being a Director of Community by Altitude

33. The Ancient Psychological Roots of Facebook Behavior by Harvard Business

34. Google Makes Finding Friends on Social Sites Safer, More Secure by Wired

35. Google Rolls out Semantic Search Capabilities by PC World

36. Why Following Too Many People Will Cost You $ by twitip

37. Etiquette in the Age of Social Media by Chris Brogan

38. Future of PR: When Agencies Represent Communities –Not Brands by Web Strategist

39. The Conversation Prism by Brian Solis

40. Social Media Marketing Can Succeed for Leaders — and Laggards by Destination CRM

41. The Five Pillars of Cloud Computing by Web 2.0 Journal

42. Stop counting impressions, and start making them by VentureBeat

43. To Newspaper Moguls: You Blew It by The Huffington Post

44. Leveraging Human Networks to Accelerate Learning by Chief Learning Officer

45. Social Media Networks Are Music’s Curse and Salvation by Wired

46. Rebuilding Trust with Enterprise Social Networking by Wall Street & Technology

47. 3 reasons that data will save online advertising by Venture Generated Content

48. All of 2009’s Web Trends, on One Handy Map by Fast Company

49. Remote Controlled Lawnmower Steered with a Wii Mote by Switched

50. Unreleased ‘X-Men’ Movie Already Surpasses 1M Illegal Downloads by Switched

51. Fun is contagious by Church of the Customer

52.Google Adds GPS-Like Functionality to Search by Mashable

53. Five Phases of Social Media Marketing by Social Media Journal

54. The Reasons for Twitter’s Success by Suite 101

55. Gaming Industry Seeks Big Returns From Micro Payments by Red Orbit

56. Strategies: Consider keeping your business in the ‘clouds’ by USA Today

57. Web 3.0 and Mobile Technology Can Revolutionize Healthcare and Inspire Meaningful Behavior Change Sensei CEO Says by Enhanced Online News

58. The Future of the Semantic Web by Suite101

59. Three Secrets to Make a Message Go Viral by Fast Company

60. Six reasons why no one likes you online by The Viral Garden

61. Instant Messaging Improves Workplace Productivity, Study Shows by Switched

62. The Difference Between Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media by Social Computing Journal

63. How to do a Better Job of Project Collaboration Using a Wiki by Future Changes

64. Coke Taps YouTube, Facebook For Sprite by MediaPost

65. Word Of Mouth Visualized: The Winning Entry by Logic + Emotion

66. 5 Predictions for the Future of Collaboration by Cisco

67. How to talk to your boss about social media (so she’ll approve the budget) by Comet Branding

68. Understanding the role of Enterprise 2.0 and moving towards a Social Business by FASTForward blog

69. How do you get to Carnegie Hall: Upload Upload Upload!! by Cool Cat Teacher

70. One Ning to Rule Them All by The Buzz Bin

71. 63% of Businesses Fear That Social Networking Endangers their Corporate Security by Read Write Web

72. Social Networking Tools Stimulate Government Operational Efficiency and Transparency by Web 2.0 Journal

73. “Prosumers” take over by Alpha Galileo

74. Measuring Engagement and Return on Relationships by Beth’s Blog

75. The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media by The Social Path

76. 10 technologies that could change the way we work and live by itbusiness

77. How Brands Balance Their Diet With Social Media Supplements by Web Strategist

78. Army jumps on Twitter bandwagon, tells some personnel to tweet off by OhMyGov

79. Using Mashups to Create a More Efficient Government? by Programmable Web

80. ROI In Social Media & Social Networking – Lets Call A Spade A Spade!’ by Social Schmoozing

81. Can Your Brand Design this Kind of Conversation? by Social Media Today

82. 10 Cool Niche Social Networks by PC Mag

83. Implementing Enterprise 2.0

84. Social Media Analytics & the Five-Step Social Media Program by Gauravonomics

85.NYTimes Appoints First Social Media Editor by Read Write Web

86. Social media: Whose job is it anyway? by iMedia Connection

87. The Rise of Social Music: How the Web Transformed Audio by Mashable

88. Delivering Happiness the Zappos Way by Business Week

89. Social Media Giving: Target’s Smart Facebook Campaign by Mashable

90. How Game Design Can Revolutionize Everyday Life by Wired

91.Best Buy: A social media case study by We Are Social

92. Enterprise 2.0 is coming: 30% of executives see social networking belonging to their business strategy by Marketing 2.0

93. Top 5 reasons online community building trumps old-skool-marketing by Tweetpr

94.Why NPR is the Future of Mainstream Media by Mashable

95. Xbox 360 To Get Facebook And Twitter, Still Breaks by Consumerist

96.Time Spent on Social Networks Doubles in a Year by PC World

97. Mayor finds yet another use for Twitter by City Insider

98.A Brief History Of Social Media by Social Media Rockstar

99. Journalists Should Customize Social Networks to Maximize Experience by Media Shift

100. 40 Years Later, Woodstock Launches as a Social Networking Site by AppScout

101. The Four Facets of Web 2.0 in Government by Gartner

102. The GPS Revolution: Location, Location, Location by Business Week

103. The Seven Deadly Sins of Public Relations 2.0 by The Harte of Marketing

104. Nine worst social media fails of 2009… thus far by ZD Net

105. Top Ten Reasons Why Your Company Should not Have a Blog by Conversation Agent

106. Told you so: eMail is now second to communicating via Social Networks by Media Futurist

107. 10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media by HuffingtonPost

108. Social Media and Politics – From Obama to Iran and Onward…by FASTforward blog

109. Corporate Social Media Roadmap by Half Rose blog

110. Understanding Why Twitter Excels in Iran Protest Coverage by PJ Net

111. Enterprises and Social Media: 5 Must-Haves by Read Write Web

112. How Participatory Culture and Mass Collaboration are Shaping Our Culture by Thought Economics

113. Consumer reporting: Broken guitar viral video gets airline’s attention by examiner

114. Click here to find out more! Does Google Know Too Much About You? by CIO

115. Social Media and New Roles For Employees by Business Week

116. Online PR and Social Media Content Strategy Map (A New Cut Out & Keep…) by Content and Motion

117.Did Twitter Cost Brüno Millions? by Web Pro News

118. 71 Percent Say They Can’t Live Without Facebook by MediaPost

119. Personal Branding Becomes a Necessity in Digital Age by MediaShift

120. When ‘Free’ is a business model… by Kate Lundy

121. The Most Engaged Brands on the Web by TechCrunch

122. 20 Things Job Seekers Shouldn’t Say on Twitter by Resume Bear

123. Five 3D Applications for the iPhone by Read Write Web

124. Social networking is next big thing for gaming by San Francisco Chronicle

125. Inspire Employees at the Grass-Roots Level by Harvard Business Review

126. Atlanta wine blogger lands ‘dream job’ in California by AJC

127. Obama, open source & healthcare by ComputerWorld

128.20 Expert Tips on Running a Contest Powered by Social Media by Spark Minute

129. The future of enterprise data in a radically open and Web-based world by ZD Net

130. 4 unlikely brands that won with gaming by iMedia Connection

131. 5 Steps to a Humane Social Media Policy by iMedia Connection

132. How to create a social media department by iMedia Connection

133. Executives See Value And Danger In Social Media by WebPro News

134. Why HR Should Care about Social Media by E2.0 Summit

135. How 3M Encourages Collaboration by Business Week

136. 10 PR Lessons UPS Has Learned from the Fedex “Brown Bailout” Campaign by Social Media Today

137. How exactly is Facebook making money? by Guardian

138. 5 Essential Enterprise 2.0 Whitepapers by Content Management Connection

139. Move over Enterprise 2.0, it’s now Social Business Design by ZD Net

140. Word-of-Mouth Key for Video Game Industry by eMarketer

141. 4 Ways Social Media is Changing Business by Mashable

142. The social media country club by Business Grow

143. The HR Department Should Own Social Media by 1 Good Reason

144. The Challenge of Customer Retention in a Web 2.0 World by TMCnet

145. NBA Social Media Policy: No In-Game Tweeting by Mashable

146. Report Reveals:15 Best Practices of Social Media Implemented by the Top 100 Brands by Jeffbulla’s Blog

147. Top 10 Web Collaboration Tools (That Aren’t Google Wave) by lifehacker

148. Will Politics 1.0 Swallow Government 2.0? by Gartner

149. 10 Questions to Get You Started Using Social Media for Your Nonprofit or Do-Good Project by Have Fun, Do Good

150. Content is No Longer King by Blogging Innovation

151. 10 Reasons Social Media isn’t Replacing Email by WebPro News

152. Is Behavioral Targeting coming to the Social Enterprise? by Pretzel Logic

153. Five reasons corporations are failing at social media by Mengel Musings

154. Be Your Own Social Media Director by Practical eCommerce

155. Fans help rock stars write music by CNN

156. CMO Poll: Social Media Better Done In-House by Business Week

157. Web 3.0 Concepts Explained in Plain English (Presentations) by digital inspiration

158. A Nerd’s Take On The Future Of News Media by Huffington Post

159. Top Ten Social Shopping Networks (Just In Time) For The Holidays! by Investor Spot

160. Social networking security concerns top of mind for businesses by itbusiness

161. Why Twitter Scares the Hell Out of Hollywood by gawker

162. Ford Spending 25% of Marketing on Digital and Social Media by Business Week

163. Classification of Enterprise 2.0 use cases by Enterprise 2Open

164. 3 Ways for Businesses to Take Full Advantage of Facebook by Duct Tape Marketing

165. Google’s 3-D Urban Maps, Built by You by Fast Company

166. Did Augmented Reality Just Get the Real World Database It Needs to Thrive? by Fast Company

167. When “funny” goes right (and wrong) for a brand by iMediaConnection

168. Five Tips To Avoid Getting Burned When Starting Social Media Campaigns by Search Engine Land

169. Why Bars and Soccer Games Are Key To Government 2.0 by Gartner

170. Social Games: How The Big Three Make Millions by TechCrunch

171. Google competes for the future; Microsoft, the past by cnet

172. The Cost Of Tweets And Pokes by Forbes

173. Google Social Search aims to make social networks more useful by ComputerWorld

174. Enterprise 2.0: Challenging Economy Pushes Businesses Toward Better Tools by Information Week

175. Integrating Social Media into Your Presentation Process by 10e20

176. How Pandora can become the New “Radio” by Hear 2.0

177. Happy 40th birthday, the internet: 20 milestones in the net’s development by Telegraph

178. Online Shopping Goes Social by AdWeek

179. Innovation ROI – Why Every Enterprise 2.0-Enabled Connection Counts by cloud ave

180. Google’s Creepy Social Search by PC Mag

181. Foo Fighters playing live concert on Facebook by cnet

182. Seven Ways To Tap Social Shopping by Clickz

183. Banning Social Media Is Counterproductive by Search Engine Watch

184. iTunes May Offer Pay-TV Service by MediaPost

185. Five Levels Of Social Media Responses by Dave Fleet

186. Twitter Lists in Action: NHL Builds a Social Network for Fans by Mashable

187. Best Buy partnering with CinemaNow to stream first-run DVDs to ‘all web-connected devices sold’ by engadget

188. New Income Streams for the Digital D-I-Y Musician by Flip the Media

189. Second Life Takes Virtual Reality Behind the Firewall at IBM, Navy by eWeek

190. Shop Smarter With Social Media by Forbes

191. The Basics of Social Media ROI by Future Lab

192. 6 Innovative Ways Businesses are Capitalizing on Foursquare by TheNextWeb

193. Four trends that will rattle retail this Christmas by The Social Path

194. Can social media save the radio star? by Smartblog

195. Ning Reaches 37 Million Users, Launches Developer Appathon by Tech Crunch

196. Social media changes everything, except the need for creativity by Creativity Unbound

197. Should Social Network Marketing Be All About the Deals? by eMarketer

198. Social Search: Customers Influence Search Results Over Brands by Web Strategist

199. 3 Flavors of Social Search: What to Expect by Read Write Web

200. The 5 Potholes on the Road to Enterprise 2.0 by Destination CRM

201. CMOs Need Greater Engagement Internally and Through Social Networks for Their Brands to Thrive by PR Newswire

202. Why Your Social-Media Expert Should Be an Improv Comic: 7 Reasons by Will Video for Food

203. The Three Waves of Enterprise 2.0: Climbing the Social Computing Maturity Curve by ebizQ

204. How Social Computing enters the enterprise? by Marketing 2.0

205. Six factors driving B2B social media marketing adoption by Chris Koch’s by B2b Blog

206. LinkedIn Finally Opens Platform: The Good & Bad News by Read Write Web

207. Study: Inc. 500 CEOs Aggressively Use Social Media for Business by inc

208. Foursquare may bounce social media into money-making mode by Chicago Tribune

209. 30 Interesting, Useless and Pointless Social Media Observations by Jeffbulla’s blog

Now…bring on 2010!

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