Concept Hub, Inc

In this globally connected world, disruption, seemingly as small as a raindrop, can be felt throughout all jobs and within all industries. That can be scary – or it can be exciting.

Concept Hub, Inc provides strategic direction, coaching, and facilitation to organizations and individuals who are seeking to embrace new technologies and respond to economic and cultural changes.

When our client’s world is disrupted we help them re-think, re-evaluate, and rebuild their paths to success.


Where can you go?

Where do you want to go?

Planning can make you feel anxious. But planning is also where you overcome anxiety – where you figure out the right steps to create forward momentum. It’s also where you define, in clear and complete terms, what differentiates you from others in your sphere.

What new opportunities have opened up for you? What new roadblocks have been put in your way and what should you do about them? Where are new threats going to come from? Where do you want to go?


What are your current strengths? What do you need to learn about? What processes do you need to create? What do you need to let go of?

When it is time to re-evaluate your current situation and direction it is vital that the evaluation is objective and includes feedback from everyone who will be traveling down the new path. This is the time to challenge any and all assumptions. There will be new skills to learn and old ideas to let go of.


What new alliances do you need to create? How will you define your milestones?  How will reach your goals? 

When you are rebuilding you need to develop ways to hold yourself, your team, and your partners accountable. Accountability is not about blame or judgment. Rather, it is about knowing that everyone is staying focused on a vision or commitment and can share the results of actions that have been taken. As a result everyone will be moving toward the desired goals.

Since 2005, Concept Hub, Inc has helped a variety of clients  achieve their business goals.

“Concept Hub made it their mission to truly understand our needs and the market space. They were able to change established paradigms and earn respect from previously skeptical areas within the organization. They are strategic, thorough and – fun! I have referred Sherry Heyl and her organization to a number of business partners and she has never let me down, delivering against the high expectations that I have unwittingly created by singing her accolades.”

-Andrew Wilson, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau